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By tadaaa11
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I will try to keep this brief, but the back story behind DAPH (demon alien parasite hair) is pretty lengthy...

I received a venus fly trap several weeks ago from an Amazon seller. I noticed a dead little vine on it when I was potting, so I tried to pull it off, however it was firmly attached so i left it alone. Moments later, I sat VFT down in his new outdoor home with the included spghanum moss and noticed the "vine" was moving autonomously. Obviously freaked out i investigated, and discovered DAPH appeared to be growing out of the rhizome like a regular leaf. I posted in several VFT groups, and no one has ever seen anything like this before. We hypothesized that DAPH could be a mutated trigger hair or remains of a digestive tract of a former trap. I was partially satisfied with these responses, checking on DAPH daily, thinking fondly of her. That is until yesterday.... when I very quickly discovered a DAPH JR on a leaf that mama DAPH had just been wrapped around... i now feel like an idiot and believe DAPH is a parasite... ive also realized the "cat hair" I've been finding is most likely baby DAPHs. Pictures and videos of baby DAPHs are taken with a macro lens and zoom, as they are hard to see with the naked eye. I'm also concerned that a parasite is now growing on my brain stem, while I've never touched DAPH besides the first encounter, I've been very up close and personal with tweezers. Please help me figure out if this is in fact a parasite.

(DAPH likes wet sphagnum moss, which is why i put it on the baby DAPHs before poking with tweezers. She seems to get crunchy if she dries out)

I've asked in plant groups, CP groups, bug groups, the seller himself, and no one has ever seen this before...please help!
By ChefDean
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I can't help with an ID on whatever that is, but it doesn't seem to be harming the plant right now.
That being said, you sound concerned about it enough that I would suggest you take action.
Personally, I would remove it from the plant by grasping it as close to the presumed attachment point and pulling down. Any little "hairs" found elsewhere I would remove as well, then toss them in the trash, or into a fire to send them back to hell.
As a precaution, lightly spray with an insecticide like Bioadvanced 3 in 1 once a week for a few weeks.
Just my thoughts.
By ChefDean
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On a different note:
Since Murder Hornets were a non starter, the new Swine Flu may take months to materialize, and all the rest of the excitment that 2020 has brought, you had to go and bring demon alien hair wormsy things into the mix, didn't you?
By ChefDean
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Joined:  Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:44 am
On a serious note, after further research, it appears you have a type of dodder vine. It's a parasitic plant that can make rudimentary movements, especially when seeking out a host plant. They grow in swampy, boggy, marsh-like areas, precisely where many carnivorous plants grow.
Unfortunately, my earlier suggestion of an insecticide will do no good. The proscribed remedy is to get rid of the infected plant. Second choice, remove all vines manually, but the babies are almost microscopic which might make it difficult. Although you can try to spot treat with vinegar, that is said to kill it, just be careful with the Flytrap. However, that may be just as problematic as manual removal due to the size of the seedlings.
Good luck with your ET satan nematode snakes.
By uxleumas
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i think you should also quarentine the plant, wash your hands whenever you touched it, and make sure to kill as much of the vines as possible. info:
even more info:
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