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By JoshDoe
Posts:  61
Joined:  Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:21 pm
So awhile 3-4 months back I left my plant on the table and went to the kitchen. My puppy climbed the chair knocked it off and ripped the plant out of the ground. Heartbroken I tried my best to salvage the root, and placed the top in a glass of distilled water. No movement on the root, but the top piece hasn't seemed to die yet? Will it regrow roots?
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By sanguinearocks101
Posts:  1163
Joined:  Mon Jan 06, 2020 1:56 am
It should probably grow roots again. If you can root cuttings why would you not be able to root that? See if there are roots and if there are take a picture and post the picture. If not then I’d either treat it as a cutting or if you want to leave it in the cup longer. Do you still have the roots? If it had even a tiny bit of the stem it could create a new growth point.
By JoshDoe
Posts:  61
Joined:  Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:21 pm
No roots on the stem. With the dead leaves on bottom could I replant in some perlite or peat? I do have the roots, it looks like there's been a slight change but I think it's dead. The area of "change" was directly to the left and slightly on top of the obvs dead stem.
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By Hurtrus
Posts:  69
Joined:  Tue Dec 17, 2019 4:08 am
The part with roots may produce a basal shoot, so keep it's environment the same and you might get lucky!
As for the part that broke off..
Trim off the dead leaves at the bottom
wrap the bottom in moistened Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss and pot it normally.
Put your freshly potted nepenthes into a zip-lock bag or if you have a grow tent where the humidity is 85% +
It doesn't have roots so it cannot take in water. The Ziplock bag will keep the humidity at close to 100% so that the plant does not dry out.
After a few months you will see it begin to put out new leaves.
What you have is basically a "cutting" at this point. I have had cuttings that had 6+ pitchers on it that I kept in a grow tent with artificial lights and the humidity was always 90% + it didn't drop a single pitcher and after a few months started to put out new ones.

*** your results may vary
By JoshDoe
Posts:  61
Joined:  Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:21 pm
I know sarrs prefer spaghum but they can use peat. Could I use peat instead. Kinda broke so I have peat moss not spaghum though. I'm willing to spend money to try to save my Sarr but also willing to take a risk. Thanks guys I appreciate the responses!
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By sanguinearocks101
Posts:  1163
Joined:  Mon Jan 06, 2020 1:56 am
Nepenthes definitely prefer lfsm but they can survive in only peat like the garden center death cube Nepenthes show. I’d put them in the standard 50/50 peat perlite mix if you don’t have lfsm. I think they might do better in a mix with more perlite in it but I’m not sure.
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