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List the plants you grow

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Amorphorphallus titanum
Broccinia reducta
Cephalotus follicularus
Dionaea muscipula:
'King Henry'
'Red Piranha'
'Korean Melody Shark'
D. adelae
D. binata
D. burmanii
D. capensis
D. capillaris
D. coccicauli
D. hamiltonii
D. hookerii
D. intermedia
D. lanata
D. natalensis
D. scorpioides
D. spatulata
Habenaria radiata
N. ampullaria
N. jamban
N. madagascariensis
N. neoguineensis
N. sanguinea
N. talangensis
N. ventricosa
Phalaenopsis sp.
P. laueana
P. primuliflora
Platycerium bifurcatum
S. leucophylla
S. psittacina x leucophylla
S. purpurea
S. rubra
S. rubra x leucophylla (cross between two of my plants)
Stapelia sp.
Stylidium debile
Sphagnum sp.
5 species I forgot what they are
U. bisquamata
U. gibba
U. longifolia
U. sandersonii
U. vulgaris

I have other plants I can't recall right now.

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