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By eustoma
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By tropical climate, I mean one where the temperatures remain fairly consistent throughout the year. Where I live it never strays from the 80s F. During the day it goes from mid to high 80's and at night mid to low 80's.

I currently have a few lowland neps and utric. longifolia and flaccida that I am nursing back to health from shipping (first time growing so no idea if they will recover but sources tell me they should)

I personally would love to grow other types of plants but most of the ones I've looked at either require colder night temps or a winter dormancy and currently I have no space or funds to get a fridge just for keeping plants in. Even bringing plants indoors would give them temps around 75F at best since that's about where we keep the A/C temps indoors. Even then we usually turn them off before sleeping and use fans.
By Huntsmanshorn
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Other than the Drosera already mentioned (and more besides) you can grow many terrestrial Utricularia like, for instance, U. bisquamata, U. calycifida, U. dichotoma, U. prehensilis, U. sandersonii, and U. subulata (just to name a few) almost any of the Genlisea should do well, Byblis without a doubt, Aldrovanda from tropical climes would be fine, Roridula (if you can find it), and there are a few tropical Pinguicula that should grow well for you. And finally, although I hesitate to mention such heresy, you could try Dionaea muscipula and some of the most southerly Sarracenia. The Dionaea and Sarrs might not work for you but I think they are worth a try, and after all, what's a carnivorous plant collection without a VFT?
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