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By Cross
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Joined:  Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:25 pm
Hey guys. I've got a series of nep ventricosa and a pot of nep alata. One plant is big, but needs some better temps and light so it's a little dingy looking. I'm willing to trade plant for plant or multiple for one (either my multiple or yours).I can't take good enough care of them and I lost all of my droseras and vfts from the frost last year. (Including my trevs Dracula Image) there may also be a sanguinea in there. My kids thought it was funny to remove all the tags and make a fence. In the tall plant, it's actually two or three plants close together from what I can tell. If any of the plants have a tiny growth right next to it, that wil go with the mother plant. I don't know how to separate neps. If anyone needs better photos, let me know.
Also, I will ship these not bare root or potted, but with dirt pressed around and wrapped in a paper towel to try to disturb the roots as little as possible. If anyone has any ideas on shipping the tall one, I'd appreciate it.
Thanks for looking. Im hoping to send these to someone better and rebuild my collection with plants I do well with.

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By mcgrumpers
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Cross wrote:I lost all of my droseras and vfts from the frost last year

Cross wrote:My kids thought it was funny to remove all the tags and make a fence.

I don't need any more neps but I have a Dionae 'dente' division that I'm willing to send if you pay for shipping. The mother plant divided like crazy so I have extras. PM if interested.
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