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Discuss water requirements, "soil" (growing media) and suitable planting containers

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By Emmaaa
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Hi! I'm fairly new to the VFT community. In January, someone gave me that 'death box' (bug biting plants) from Lowe's where you have a dormant VFT and a Sarracenia. The Cenia survived (barely) but the VFT didn't. Around the same time, I got 2 bottles of the VFT on Amazon, the ones where they are self-contained and have a gel that'll help them grow. There was a bit about them growing tall (with little light) and bushy (lots of light) so I experimented with that.

I noticed the taller one had some yellow heads and is definitely outgrowing the bottle. The bushier one is on its way to outgrowing the bottle too. I got some new pots (+soil) to plant them in and I'm expecting them in them in the mail soon.

My question is, what kind of bottled water brands are safe for them? I live in central florida, and my go-to grocery places are Aldi's, Costco, and Publix. We mainly have Kirkland purified water, which I thought was fine because it said that it was processed through RO, then I saw that it had added minerals. It's probably why the VFT I had with Cenia died. I'm not willing to get a TDS meter yet, so I was hoping to get some recommendations for specific bottled water brands to purchase.

I was also planning on just growing them indoors. I know this is a hard no-no but I didn't want them in the backyard since there's an automatic sprinkler and a lot of squirrels. I got grow lights for them because I was worried that they weren't getting enough sun. I think my room is on the south facing side (I mainly get sun around 1p to possibly 6 or 7p) and I think this isn't enough as I read that VFT's thrive in full sunlight. I plan on having it turned on from 6a - 12p everyday. Would this be enough for them?

I ALSO accidentally tore the head of one of the stalks from the saracennia... and I think it's dying too... How can I make it healthier?

All advices are welcome!
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By Benny
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Just about any one that says distilled is fine. Some people here have tested their "distilled" water and it had a high ppm. If you do not have a TDS meter on hand, then don't mind testing it unless it causes issue later on.

I just use distilled Arrowhead water, and as much rain\snow as I can get.
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By Emmaaa
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Okay thank you! I was asking for specific ones since I'm scared of touching every distilled bottle I touch because of the Covid. I wanted to just go in the store and get what I needed lol
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By Matt
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Any bottle of distilled water will work great. I have never heard of bottles of "distilled" water testing high with dissolved solids. I suppose it isn't surprising, but I doubt it is a frequent thing and probably a particular brand or two.
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