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I’m a fairly new orchid grower, and got some Vanda orchids that were dying from my father at the beginning of summer. Both clones since then have been doing really well, putting out new shoots and roots, even budding. However I’ve noticed some of the leaves are paling and going an olive green (I’m guessing they’re heading towards yellow) and I’m a bit worried. I’m in Autumn now and the nights are getting cooler - could the cold be the problem? I usually keep them outside.
Ps, the leaves are wrinkled as when I got them they were severely dehydrated
AF69C38E-CBAB-42EE-B8A0-DD91F5CCC232.jpeg (2.46 MiB) Viewed 410 times
21ADE128-B4D0-46A9-B2D5-82B2FF934AB1.jpeg (2.35 MiB) Viewed 410 times
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By That one plant boi
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They look perfectly fine to me. If they appear to be happy and are growing new roots, leaves and flowers, then I wouldn't worry about it. If more than a couple leaves start to wither, then I would worry, but these guys look healthy. Good job!

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