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By cpZack
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I went ahead and decided to repot my Cephalotus. The previous grower I had received the plant from had it potted in what seemed to be a mostly peat mixture, which seemed to be suffocating the roots. In addition, because of the density of growing points, a whole bunch of dead foliage had accumulated: which I inferred was only making the powdery mildew problem worse. I picked up a bunch of cheap, plastic cups from target and drilled 12 holes in the bottom. They're Perfect cephalotus pots! After rinsing and trying to remove as much old media as possible, I wrapped the roots delicately in the new media (2:1 lfs sphagnum to perlite), sprayed with a fungicide, and put the plant in its new home. Its in a humidity tent for the time being, to ease the stress. Fingers crossed, and we'll see how it goes!
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By Matt
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Good luck! Cephalotus really dislike having their roots disturbed but you're doing everything right in terms of minimizing pitcher loss by bagging. Just be on the lookout for that powdery mildew to return in those conditions!
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