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Megatraps has been a really good cultivator and have really enjoyed growing it! I have had the plant for a couple of years and was honestly just curious to see what others thought of it and if it looked healthy to them? I do see yellow here and there so i dont know if thats a problem or just from dormancy? I also notice dead leaves here and there but again wondering if thats just from dormancy? Does anyone happen to see any problems with it or does it look good to them? I am out here in Arizona but im still pretty sure that the plant is dormant right now. If anyone happens to see any problems please let me know! Thanks!
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My first thought is they are dormant. lol They get kinda puckered up, like we do when we are cold. just get all tightened up. lol
but I think they would benefit from a repot. You have a whole bunch of individual plants in there. I would give them room to grow. And if they have been in that same pot long enough to divide like that, they could use a soil change. I have been using clear plastic plant trays, the ones that you sit under houseplants to keep water from running out. I bought some that are 10 inches across and 6 inches tall. it was $2
I would definitely change the soil, in their natural environment the acidity or alkalinity of the water(I forgot which one) keeps the soil almost sterile, but in cultivation, where the water is not like that, it allows bacteria to come and break down the soil, especially if you leave it sitting in water.
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