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I have two pitcher plants that started vining at the same time, N. sanguinea and N... ventrata, I think? Neither of them has grown any pitchers since they started vining. They've put out some basal shoots that are pitchering, but the vines aren't.

My two thoughts are, they aren't getting quite enough light, or they aren't getting quite enough humidity. My problem is, I don't really know how to get the 6-foot-long sanguinea vine into higher humidity or lighting. Humidity I don't think I can do, lighting I could maybe coil it and put a light over it? It's leaning against a South-facing window with a little bit of tree shading.

Or are they just not going to pitcher while they're vining? I would have thought they'd put out upper pitchers at some point.

How do other people keep large Nepenthes happy indoors? They're growing well enough and don't seem unhealthy, but I'd kinda like some nice big pitchers.
I sincerely doubt that's going to increase the humidity 5 feet in the air above the tray, in an open room. They're already in a tray, but the vines, especially the sanguinea, are very tall. I'd have to coil them up inside an aquarium or something to get any significant humidity increase.

I don't think it's a lighting issue. Many of the leaves are that slightly reddish tone that they take on in reasonably strong light.
I'm having the same problem too. It only happened when I moved it from outdoor to indoor when no new pitchers developed. My problem might be temperature and humidity, since I hang it under a grow light. Haven't found much solution yet (I've tried misting the plant itself once or twice everyday).
Same here with one of my ventratas. It is rapidly putting new leaves on but no pitchers, yet a basal is growing leaves AND pitchers. I wondered if it was temperature related possibly, or I suppose it could be humidity.

I do water with diluted orchid fertilizer monthly if anyone thinks that could be a contributing factor.


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