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By kato_stud25
I'm going to give tc a go see if I can get anything to grow besides mold lol being disabled this will give me something to do with my time. So I'm looking for supplies needed to get started so being on a budget I thought I'd see if any of you have anything I could purchase to try and save some cash?
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By Matt
I almost certainly have some stuff here that I could part with.

What supplies are you needing specifically? If you're just getting started, I'd suggest making a list and seeing what you might already have at home and then posting here exactly what supplies you're looking for and I can take a look to see what I might be able to help out with.
By kato_stud25
I need basically everything from solution containers, forceps,tissue culture containers, mixing containers, I guess just the basic items needed to get started. I know theres some starter kits out there but alot are for larger operations and cost alot I'll be starting out small practice just to learn more to kill some free time being disabled I have alot of it. Maybe you might know what I could get buy with to start. I'm not in a big rush but like to get ahead on things I will need before I'll need them if you know what I mean.
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By Matt
The most costly piece of equipment is the pressure cooker. The rest of the stuff is pretty inexpensive.

I don't have any spare forceps, but I have lots and lots of spare containers.

I just use old water bottles for mixing containers.

You'd have to buy media and gelling agent stuff too.

Do you have a workspace already set up or identified? I purchased a used 30-gallon aquarium off for my first work area. I think it cost me $20 or something.
By kato_stud25
Pressure cooker is the one thing I have. I think I have the work space figured out just need most of the smaller things as for media I'll get things I need for that last I think I'm sure I'll have questions to ask about what exactly I'll need to make media when that time comes. Just piecing things together for now.
By jasonh
I got a glass bead sterilizer for nail salons recently and it seems to be decently efficient at sterilzing tweezers. Pretty helpful that I don't need to flame everything anymore :)

It would be helpful if you can list everything you got or plan to get, then Matt can identify what is missing and suggest vendors and stuff.
By kato_stud25
That glass bead sterilizer you mentioned sounds like something I need to look in to. Do you have a link of one like you got? As for what I need or looking for is more of a matter of what I dont need lol. I have a pressure cooker and that's about it so ideas for what I will need at least to get started and good places to get them would help out. I dont mind buying 2nd hand if I can save some cash or ideas for a reasonable starter kit would be great. Matt could you send me a message about what u mentioned you might have. Thanks
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