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By Lyra
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Hi everyone,

I have a question for all of you. My mom and I were looking for some native orchids in our area. And I was looking at different nurseries when I came across a seller that collects orchids that naturally grow in their property. These are native orchid from their location and now they are selling them.

My question is is this legal (I think it is, but I'm not sure) and if yes is there any restrictions of where they can sell? If no, who do I contact about this issue?

This probably happens to CP, too.

I'm asking because a couple of years ago I saw various of people in Florida selling invasive plants that are illegal to have without a permit and illegal to sell within Florida. I contacted someone (I don't remember exactly who) about it and they never responded back and those adds where never taken down. They are still being sold within Florida. It makes me so mad that nobody is doing anything about it, especially with I contacted them about the issues and gave them the sellers information. Sorry for going into a rant.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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By Matt
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I am sure it depends on the species of the plants they are harvesting and selling. If the species are protected or endangered, then it would be illegal. But if it is private property from which they are harvesting the plants and they aren't protected in any way, then there is nothing illegal about it.

The same is probably true about where they are selling them.
By DragonsEye
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As Matt mentioned, if the plants are actually on their property, the land owner can do pretty much whatever they want with them. HOWEVER, some plants and animals cannot be sold or even traded across state lines. That would be something to check into if you are looking at purchasing protected species from another state. The other concern would be at to whether the seller IS actually harvesting from their own property only. Very difficult to prove that one.
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By nimbulan
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DragonsEye wrote:The other concern would be at to whether the seller IS actually harvesting from their own property only. Very difficult to prove that one.
This is a very good point because last year there was somebody selling tons of wild harvested CPs (from the US) on eBay and Facebook and lying about them being from private property.
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