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By 1 Novice gardener
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Dear Friends!
I'm back on the forum after a few years and my first comeback project is a planted vivarium for some exotic tropical plants and a drosera and a small lowland nepenthes. I'm also planning to attach several mosses on driftwood and on the background and a small flowing pond at the base. I'll also attach some aquatic plants in the water. My question is that can i use a 7500 Kelvin 24 watt Aquarium light for this entire terrarium/vivarium??
I've also attached a link of the light.

link-- ... b201603_53

Do you guys think it'll be enough for a small 1.5 feet length terrarium??
I'm thinking of setting the height 30cms.
Please Help!!

Any and all suggestions are welcome!!

Vibhuti Shyam
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By jpappy789
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I'm going to take a stab at this and say I don't think it would do well for most "full sun" CPs like Drosera, but maybe for Neps which don't like too much light. Most aquarium-specific lights aren't actually all that powerful since our more terrestrial CPs need much more light than most aquarium plants can handle. Hard to say either way without any intensity specifications.
By Apprz
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I'd say it's too weak for most full sun cp as said above-mentioned. If you would buy it it would be very important that it's as close as possible to the plants in order to be effective.

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