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By Shadowtski
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A big Thank You goes out to Mawy_Plants and Dionae for their generous donations!
These seeds may be requested immediately by members of the Donors Group.
They may be requested on 11/08/2019 by the general membership.
The Drosera species here are Class 1 seeds.
The Utricularia and Sarracenia seeds are Class 2 seeds.

Mawy_Plants donated the following seeds:
(Note: OP means Open pollinated, could be self pollinated, could be pollinated by any other nearby variety)
Drosera capensis "Red" OP - 3 pkg
Drosera capensis "Wide Leaf" OP - 1 pkg
Drosera capensis "Giant" OP - 2 pkg
Utricularia arenaria - 2 pkg

Dionae donated the following seeds, mostly complex Sarracenia crosses.
Sarr 017 - Wilkerson Red Rocket F2 X Red Sumatra OP - 6 pkg
Sarr 018 - flava F49EM OP - 4 pkg
Sarr 019 flava OP - 6 pkg
Sarr 020 - leucophylla -Purple Lips X flava Ornata OP - 4pkg
Sarr 021 - flava var rubri 'Claret' OP - 4 pkg
Sarr 022 - Leah W x flava rubri x flava F37EM - 4 pkg
Sarr 023 - Uncle Creepy x flava F37EM - 4 pkg
Sarr 024 - flava F37EM x HCW - 2 pkg
Sarr 025 - Red flava x flava F37EM - 2 pkg
Sarr 026 - leuco x flava Ornata x flava rubri 'Claret' - 4 pkg
Sarr 027 - flava x flava F37EM - 4 pkg
Sarr 028 - flava F49EM x flava F39EM - 2 pkg
Sarr 029 - flava F45EM x flava F38PW x Burlesque - 2 pkg

Thanks to you guys and to all the donors!
You are the backbone of the seed bank!
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