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By Lobster Ghost
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Joined:  Sun Oct 13, 2019 11:45 pm
I recently bought a mexican butterwort (Pinguicula nivalis x emarginata) and I've never had one before so I don't really know how to tell that it's in its succulent phase. Is that what's happening now? The leaves feel a tiny bit moist but not very sticky (they're a bit wet in the picture because I recently sprayed it with water). I haven't tried feeding it anything so I don't know if it's producing digestive juices or not.
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By twitcher
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I just recently got one of those, probably from the same source. Yours looks better than mine, so I assume you have had it a couple of months. (they took them off the market for awhile and just recently started selling again. Your plant looks healthy but probably could be a bit better. Its hard to tell yet whether it is going (or is) dormant, although new, smaller sized leaves can be an indication. If you look closly ( use a magnifying lens if possible) you should be able to tell if there is dew. Since the leaves feel wet, it is likely that it can digest. Feed a small amount of food, like a fruit fly or something similar size. If it (the food) doesn't mold, then likely it is being digested. If it does mold, then likely it is not carnivorous at the moment. Carefully remove the molded food if that happens.

The plant may need some brighter light. Looks like it has divided for you. There are at least two plants there.
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By jpappy789
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Does not look to be in the succulent form, at least based off the current fully-formed leaves...and I'm not entirely sure if that hybrid will do dormant or not as I've read that emarginata itself sometimes will not. Unsure about nivalis.

In any case, likely just not as sticky because of shipping. They take a little time to start looking dewy again.
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