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I'd like to welcome Nancy to the donors group.
Thanks to Nancy and xanthoparmelia for their donations.

Sarr 013 - (3 pkgs) (Hurricane Creek White x Judith Hindle) x Purpurea
Sarr 014 - (4 pkgs) Alata 'Night' x Self
Sarr 015 - (1 pkg) Areolata x Judith Hindle

Sarr 016 - (7 pkgs) Sarracenia 'Lynda Butt' Open Pollinated

These seeds are immediately available for request by members of the donors group.
They can be requested by general membership on 10/15/2019

As always, a big "Thank You!!!" is owed to the donors.
You folks are the only reason the seed bank is still in existence.

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