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By optique
Posts:  369
Joined:  Fri May 24, 2019 11:15 pm
Currently testing with sundew clones, so far no issues in a painted pot and water trey. But regardless i do not have to paint where standing water will touch. I am going mainly for UV proofing polypropylene, you know the cheap plastic that gets brittle after a few months in the sun. polyester treys that hold up longer are not cost effective. Replacing treys every year is bad cost wise and for the environment. I have seen large scale growers use plastic liners in kiddie pools trying to avoid this look in my backyard.
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By Coco
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Joined:  Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:07 am
I was able to get the 1020 trays by Bootstrap Farmer and am quite pleased with the quality of thick, sturdy plastic. I'm able to fill the whole tray and carry it very easily on the end with both sides balanced without any signs of bending.

As for quality white pots, there's these ones that a good number of members here likes to use and vouches for them, which is this one: ... 421&sr=8-6

However, I don't really like the holes on the side which I'm sure is an easy fix. Bootstrap Farmer also sells white pots which is this one: ... astic-pots. I'm positive that they're the same great quality as their trays. I'm interested in trying them out but it's a bit expensive and am in no rush of needing larger sized pots. Maybe next year for my mother plants is when I'll be able to give my input on them.
By Do_Gon
Posts:  110
Joined:  Tue May 07, 2019 5:29 pm
mcgrumpers wrote:I ended up getting these: ... /374173057

Given that I'd never have more than 1.5 inches of water, these trays are good. They're a little bit shorter than I'd like, but better than every other alternative I've found.

Fieldofscreams, I agree that white trays are nice. White pots are also something I've been looking for, also for heat reasons. Have you (or has anyone else) been able to find a source for decent plastic white pots?
Found these on Amazon.
HOMENOTE 5.2 Inch Plastic Planters Indoor Set of 5 Flower Plant Pots with Drainage Pallet Modern Decorative Gardening for House Plants,Flowers,Succulents,Herbs Cream White ... ODbTHTPT5T
By optique
Posts:  369
Joined:  Fri May 24, 2019 11:15 pm
This year i used cheap under bed bins as treys. they worked great the higher walls kept out large pest why the size let me use mosquito dunks cut up like a pizza. But they degraded quick from UV light. getting replacements ready expecting to lose some to cracking over winter. all i am doing is scuffing up with a scotch bright pad and spray painted. i tried to avoid painting where water would sit but some splatter was unavoidable with out covering.

showing how old treys are almost falling apart.

new painted trey, hopefully protected from UV light
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