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By Lily
Help, I bought this nepenthes in May (it was in poor conditions I thought it was going to die, so I did the coffee as fertilizer method and it worked it has new pitchers.) The greenhouse I bought it from told me it was a Bloody Mary but all the pitchers were green until yesterday when I left the LED light on for too long (16 hrs) I’m not sure it’s really a Bloody Mary because all the pitchers were green. Is there anything I can do to make the sunburn go away? When I got it it had zero healthy pitchers so it hasn’t eaten for at least 5 months I had to wait until pitchers developed and opened the lid. I also noticed the new growth looked brownish/red. I know 16 hrs was too much I now set it on an automatic timer, anyway is there anything I can do to help it heal like when we get a sunburn and we use aloe Vera on our skin lol
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By Coco
When pitchers are juveniles (small, young) their colors are “bland” where in some cases they’re green like yours. Given through time through proper care, they’ll color up nicely as they mature. Looking at the picture that you’ve provided, I’d say that your nepenthes is looking quite healthy. It’s normal for them to have a tinge of reddish brown which means that it’s getting a good amount of light. It should be of concern if the leaf becomes deformed and droopy and the new growth is dying.
By Lily
It worked for me I thought If my plant is gonna die anyway (it was in really bad shape) might as well kill it trying to fix it. And the coffee did not kill it but it did fix her now I have 6 pitchers in total 2 have opened their lid and the other 4 haven’t


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