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By Arouth
Hey everyone so I got this fly trap almost a week ago and it’s been doing great. Everything was fine and it was actually looking a lot better from when I picked it up. I planted it in peat/sand mix, gave it distilled water, and have been making sure it got enough sunlight. It’s a little one I got from a nursery so I’ve been slowly exposing it to more and more light. Started with like 5 hours, then 6, and now I’m at around 6 1/2 direct and then a couple hours of shade. Last night I fed it an unsuspecting fly haha (less than 1/3 the size of the trap I fed it to) and it has been digesting. There’s the background, I put it out this morning and it was fine, all the traps open except one that was half way and the one that had the fly in it. The insides of the traps have been showing more and more pink and this morning they looked really vibrant and were standing tall and strong. It’s now been in the sun for about 4 hours and I went out to check on it and the traps are all droopy and sad and no where near and strong and tall as they were this morning. If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it! Also I’ve been waiting to water until the top of the soil gets a little dry but if you dig down 1/4” its soft. So shouldn’t be an issue with watering unless I read online wrong. Thanks!!!

Pic of plant now:
D277D8E4-5B7E-4C59-965A-C0E0EE3AD75C.jpeg (2.86 MiB) Viewed 225 times
By sbrooks
It actually looks pretty good to me, the trap in the middle has some curled/frazzled cilia, often a symptom of transplant shock, which might be all that your plant is experiencing.
Is it a paricularly hot, sunny day? I know you're acclimating it slowly, but an extra hot day can cause a little wilting if the plant is not hardened for such climate.
I suggest not feeding it for another week or two, let it get it's health/vigor/energy level up, if it eats on it's own, c'est la vie.
By Arouth
Must have just been a little too much heat for it, I gave it a huge drink like y’all suggested and also brought it back inside and by this morning it was totally revived! And it was extra hot yesterday so it does make sense. Thanks for the responses!!!
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