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By Fiolop
Hello, I have just got the opportunity to buy myself a new and great Nepenthes

And I decided to buy one of my favourites. (jamban, Jacquelnieae, inermis or dubia)
But I can't decide which one is best for my conditions
I have mostly intermediate to Highland conditions (for reference I have been growing bill Bailey for example) and I make sure the humidity is high
And when doing research some people had different answers (e.g person 1: jamban is the most tolerant for temperatures person 2:Jacquelnieae is the best.
I don't know which is right as I am a new grower and I would be glad for answers and if possible websites that I can buy the Nepenthes :D
By Anthony
“The best” is very relative, as to which you think is best, which is why you’ll keep getting sorted opinions.
I have all 4 of the above mentioned neps.... and I love them all for different reasons. They are all HL or UHL (Dubia & Inermis). But can all do well in intermediate as well, so long as the nights are cool (even better if moist & cool). I think Jaqcs has the bigger pitchers and very unique. Inermis has very unique pitchers too, but only with the uppers. All stay smallish and more compact than other neps

Hope that helped
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By Fiolop
Thank you for the info,my nights are about 20C in summer and as low as 9C in winter,so,not very consistent
But i could put it in the bathroom for nights as our bathroom can be only described as a personal antarctica (i would gueas the temps to be about 12-15) since i cant afford and am too young (13) to get a greenhouse
Do you think these conditions could have a jacquelnieae or jamban (as all the sites i used ran out of dubias and inermis')
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By Rayne
I’d your new to growing get a jamban. They take abuse much easier than inermis or dubia. Also where are you purchasing from? I’d love to get an inermis in my collection.

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By Fiolop
I use wistuba
Also thanks for the help, I will be getting a jamban soon in that case

By the way I found 2 ways to solve the low temperature,
1.keep it outside during summer (nights get cold but not too cold)
2.using ice to cool it down
They both have a problem though
I think my parents would be annoyed after about a month of me using the ice and intruders (cats keep going into our garden to use it as a toilet) could damage the plant
Which method do you think would have better results
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By Fiolop
I decided to bring my jamban with me for when i decided to camp in my backyard because there is 16C whilst the house got 29C and i cant replenish the ice cubes during night,

Should i leave the plant outside because of the temperature?

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By Fiolop
In that case i have to leave it out,because it gets too hot at night and i cant replenish the ice cubes when i sleep
I think i should bag it for the time being till it settles in and it becomes autumn as im seeing that the older leaves are dying off and the pitcher's lids are closing but this also happened to my bloody mary which is doing amazing right now so i dont really know what it is.(i hope i bagged it right)

Edit:i probably bagged it wrong,it only increased temperature

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By Fiolop
My jamban has started to get a bit of brown colour on the bottom of the stem,I'm not sure if it's just getting woody like the rest of my plants did or if it is stem rot from the shock (which made it loose all the pitchers and some leaves),am i worrying too much?ImageImage

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By Fiolop
The browning,looking at it now and older pictures has slowed down and possibly came to a complete halt withing recent days so i think there is still hope, will it be able to recover?

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Hi from UK.

Thank you.

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