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By keletkezes
Posts:  19
Joined:  Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:35 am
Hi everyone,

I had a (labelled-as) Weser years ago, potted (on bad advice) in ericaceous compost but it survived a long time of semi-neglect and quite likely far too much water until the slugs got it one wet winter (it was definitely slugs, although it might have died anyway). I've just acquired a pity case from a garden centre, and I would like to know if a 2 perlite to 1 sphagnum moss would be OK to pot it in. I'd also like to know if there's a time of year that's better to do this (partly for future reference). Thankyou!
By keletkezes
Posts:  19
Joined:  Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:35 am
I had to repot the poor thing: some bird or whatever knocked it out of the pot at the start of the hot weather here in the UK and I came home to find the roots dried out :( I popped the roots in a saucer of rainwater and made up some 1:2 LFSM:perlite because that's what I had available and popped it into that. It seems to be doing OK, still stressed but the leaves are a healthy succulence now, rather than dehydrated when I got home that day! I've left it out of the saucer for a good few days now as it's been so wet here but here it is when I repotted it:

(URL: because Google doesn't always link properly)

It's much more 'flat' now, not so curly! It was upside-down when I found it :S Still not a great vibrant green yet, but I'm givng it a few weeks to acclimatise to its current position before doing anything else, unless you think more full sun would work better? Although given the weather it's not going to make any difference for a few weeks :lol:
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