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I have seen it seem to take over my Sundews. I wonder if it chokes out seedlings, especially Sarracenia?
Seems like the utricularia is spreading in my mini bog garden and choking out seedlings as it spreads. Seems to kill live moss as well.
I think a small Utric might be okay with small roots. If the one you've got has big roots, then possibly it could choke the seedlings out if it's in the same pot. Or there's other issues.

Do you normally have no trouble with Sarr. Seedlings? If so, than some likely possibilities are either you have changed something in your growing practices, ie different soil, or something else has been introduced outside of you, maybe the Utric. or maybe a sneaky pest like fungus gnat larvae chewing roots.

Any chance the seedlings are wetter than usual, and they're just too wet or something?
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