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By LotharZogg
Hi everyone,

I purchased a few water trays (black, plastic oil pans) for my Sarracenia recently and noticed during the day the water gets fairly warm (for obvious reasons). Is there a water temperature that is too warm/hot for these plants? I'm assuming others have experienced this at some point as well. Is there any way to mitigate this?
By optique
In ground bog garden will help with temps in summer and winter, but mine are in pots and get hot too. But i went with clear treys, darker the color the more light it absorbs.
By camsdad66
Yes, the black trays can heat the water up substantially. I live in the South, and we have very hot summers here to say the least. I have cooked a few of my plants from the roots getting too hot as a result of sitting in an inch or so of semi-boiling water! I recommend clear or white colored trays if possible.

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By yardleyq1987
Black trays as well with warm water when hot. No significant issues that I’ve noticed, but I do water my Regia with refrigerated rain waiter.

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