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By Kjuure
I’ve had my traps for a year now. I water them every couple days to keep the medium damp and they get sun all day. I am a little concerned however as neither have any traps on their stems but the stems seem to still be alive as they are a full green colour. What I find most interesting is one managed to propagate by itself but those don’t have traps either. Am I giving them too much sun? I’ve heard terracotta pots can leech minerals into the medium, could that be a possible cause? I can give photos if needed.
By Kjuure
For whatever reason the pictures were taken upside down on my phone, so i apologize for that.

I think its obvious they aren't in very good condition but i can't figure out what I need to change.

I'm also thinking about repotting so I can clean them up and separate the new smaller flytraps.
IMG_0288.JPG (184.58 KiB) Viewed 520 times
IMG_0287.JPG (179.05 KiB) Viewed 520 times
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By toiletshorts
yeah agree with Cross, i'd do away with the terracotta. my vft is in a plastic pot with a tray underneath. Also, what are you watering it with? :o I'm sure the Distilled Water Or Rain Water Only spiel is a mantra among vft owners.
To me they look like they got too hot.

They don't like hot roots, I found out they really like cold/cool roots. That's why I only use white pots and NZLFSM, keeps the temps way down.

The pot your using isn't helping either.

Actually most plants like cool roots, I will never understand why planter manufacturers make black or dark colored pots.
Kjuure wrote:I forgot to mention this began a couple months ago and that I live in Australia so their dormancy period is just beginning.
Wait so if the dormant period has just begun where you live then I'd say they're fine and just going dormant.

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