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By sipecsus
hi , again but i was researching about my plants always looking for new tips , but i read that adding a top layer of long fibered sphagnum moss would assist in keeping the moisture level up. should i do this to my plants????? :? and also what is live moss and what does it do???
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By Matt
Many growers top dress their plants with long fibered sphagnum moss. I personally do not. It's up to you if you want to, but your plants will be fine without it. The two main purposes for using sphagnum moss on top is to prevent the peat from splashing up onto the plants when it rains and to use as an indicator to determine when the peat is starting to dry out.

Live moss is just moss that is still alive. Peat moss and sphagnum moss are dead.
By lemonlily
This is optional as it may look better and will tell you if the soil is wet. How? It will turn brown. You can also put your finger on top and feel if it is moist. If it doesn't stick to your finger, you can water
By lemonlily
You're welcome! I like all those questions. I was thinking FlyTrapCare is dying out, but good thing you came.
By lemonlily
I like the questions. More than half of my posts were questions.
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