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By ChefDean
I'm not new to the carnivorous plant scene, but I'm getting back into the swing of it after a series of moves.
In the past I have had a typical Fly Trap, a typical D. Capensis, an unknown Nepenthes, and an unknown Sarracenia.
As of this edit, I have had some awesome successes and some dismal failures. Many sundew seedlings have been given away to neighbors and their kids, as well as a couple of school teachers. That's the coolest, knowing my plants are being used for education.
My current list is:
Many Capes, albino and typical, possible Big Pink
D. Natalensis
D. Binata "T-Form" and Multifida
D. Intermedia
D. Carbarup
D. Burmannii "Humpty Doo"
D. Filiformis
D. Spatulata
D. Tokaiensis

Many typical Flytraps, 2 mature plants and a few seedlings.

S. Bugbat
S. Hot Lips x Kraken
S. Oreophila "Sand Mountain"

N. Ventricosa

P. Emarginata x Juamavensis hybrid

My wife is getting upset that I am getting so many so fast, but she doesn't have to take care of them. Oh well, I'll get over it.
Thanks for reading, take care,
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By ChefDean
Some seeds didn't grow. Whether I made a mistake (likely), or the seeds weren't viable (possible).
My current collection is now:
Many typical VFT's, some Lowes rescues, some seed grown from OP named cultivars, but still typical.
D. Capensis "Albino", a couple mature and many seedlings.
D. Capensis typical
D. Capensis Wide Leaf
A couple unknown dews . They're too small yet, but one looks like a Madagascareinsis.
Pinguin, a P. Emarginata x Juamavensis
S. "Bug bat", another Lowes rescue.
S. Hot Lips x Kraken
S. Oreophila

Fun times.
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