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List the plants you grow

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By TheTrapper
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Dionaea Muscipula( Venus Flytraps)
-'DC XL'
- 'Dentate'
- 'B-52'
- 'Alien'
- 'Akai Ryu'
- 'Typical'
-' Seed grown'

Drosera ( Sundews)
- Drosera Brevifolia
- Drosera Intermedia
- Drosera Capensis
- Drosera Capensis 'Albino'
- Drosera filiformis Trayci 'Florida Giant'
- Drosera Regia
- Drosera Spiralis
- Drosera Serpens
- Drosera Magnifica
- Drosera Binata var. Dichomtima ' Giant Form'
- Drosera Adelae
- Drosera Adelae 'Giant'
- Drosera Cistiflora
- Drosera Aliciae
- Drosera Pauciflora
- Drosera 'Andromeda'

- Cephalotus Follicularis

- Sarracenia alata
- Unknown mixed varieties

-Darlingtonia Californica

- Nepenthes Palawanensis
- Nepenthes x Miranda
- Nepenthes x Suki

- Utricularia Macrorhiza
- Utricularia Spp.

-Pinguicula Medusina


Several Phalaenopsis
Mini Phalaenopsis

Notable plants
Cyathea Brownii (largest living fern)
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