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By Copper2
I have a small collection of CP’s, and want to add some nepenthes. I would like N. ampullaria but I’m not sure if it being a lowlander is a problem for a beginners plant. Any thoughts on me growing ampullaria or is there another nepenthes I should start with?

Please no suggestions for impossible to kill nepenthes that are dull and ugly. I want nice traps not traps of sadness....

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By Shadowtski
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Nepenthes 'Lady Luck' is a mass market hybrid but I would definitely not call it dull or ugly.
Here's a shot of mine.
I donated it to last year's NASC Auction.
I grew it in an uncovered 10 gallon glass tank in my basement, but it will pitcher in the average house.
N 'Lady Luck'
N 'Lady Luck'
DSC07871.jpg (1.73 MiB) Viewed 1805 times
DSC07869.jpg (1.82 MiB) Viewed 1805 times
By Copper2
I like your Lady Luck! I’ll probably get that. I had read about it a few times but never knew it looked so good.

I was thinking about N. ventricosa when I said I don’t want an dull nepenthes
By oval
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Also it depends on your climate. Lowlanders are not a problem here where it is warm most of the year.

That Lady Luck does look gorgeous! The mass market hybrids usually do good in an average house and are great for a "Beginning Nepenthes."
By Copper2
oval wrote:Also it depends on your climate. Lowlanders are not a problem here where it is warm most of the year.
It stays warm where I’m at. Now I’ve been looking at ampullaria for sale. So much for getting a beginners plant.... I can’t stop looking at rajah either. Watch, I’m going to order a “Lady Luck” and buy a rajah a week later!

Has anyone got those Rajah x vetchii hybrids from CC? They’re pricy but I would like one. Hopefully they don’t sell out before I can get one- unless they’re super slow growing like rajah
By Quinton16
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If you want something easy to start off I would recommend a ventricosa or any nepenthes hybrids. Maxima, Ventricosa, Miranda, Mirabilis are easy ones. Ampullaria hybrids are also easy. Hybrids are easier than species.Image Maxima

Image Ventricosa

Image Miranda
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By Cross
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Copper2 wrote:
I want nice traps not traps of sadness....


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By Copper2
CpKid wrote:Ventricosa hybrids are nice once you start getting big pitchers and even before...they're not that sad!
Maybe I’ll get a ventricosa hybrid... of its crossed with something really nice :)
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