2 questions about my Venus flytrap

Ask questions about how to grow and care for Venus Flytraps
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2 questions about my Venus flytrap

by New flytrapper » Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:42 pm

The smaller one is hard to see but you should be able to see the tiny traps under the red big trap
IMG_20190218_164754619.jpg (1.86 MiB) Viewed 258 times
So I got a Venus flytrap in October of last year and it's been doing extremely well so far to my pleasure. However it's been absurdly warm recently in NC where I live and I noted that it seems to have come out of hibernation a bit early. I also noticed that it seems to be making a flower stalk which concerns me a bit seeing as it still too early for me to be able to put it outside without risk of frost and there pretty much being no insects I could capture live and feed into it's traps. I'm wondering if I should nip the bud when it gets big enough, if it even is one and then allow it to flower if it tries again in the spring and summer time.

On a different and lighter note I think I may actually have a very small Venus flytrap growing along side it. In the pitctures provided it's under the big red trap and it's super small. I don't know if it's simply an off shoot of the main plant or a new one. If it's a new one should I attempt to separate it? It looks healthy although I can't imagine it's getting much sun with the big trap covering it. Any tips are appreciated as I am very new at growing Venus flytraps, thanks in advance as well for the help!
Here's a closer image of the red trap I was talking about
IMG_20190218_164815542.jpg (2.29 MiB) Viewed 257 times

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Re: 2 questions about my Venus flytrap

by FlyTrap Hunter » Sun Feb 24, 2019 3:34 pm

Watch the weather. You should be able to put your Fly Trap outside right now and let it get as much sun as possible. You can leave it outside and bring it in when the temperature drops below 40F. If it got to just freezing, it won't hurt it. Venus Fly Traps are cold hardy perennials.
However, it's suggested that you don't let them freeze. Mine have frozen 5 times this winter and no real harm. And they are in pots not in the ground.
And for the little division, I would leave it alone for now.
But you need to repot that big of a plant in a deeper pot. 5 to 7 inches preferred

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