Asking for a friend

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Asking for a friend

by ChefDean » Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:12 pm

Another member on this forum has taken a foray into Sarrs and has collected seed from his plants that he had won in a giveaway. Even though I had said that I have grown, and am currently growing, Sarrs, I have never tried seeds.
He wants to try seeds, but is feeling a bit overwhelmed, and wants to do it right to give the seeds the best possible chance at becoming big, healthy plants.
Is there a best time to plant these seeds? Do the seeds require stratification? Is a peat/perlite mix or pure sphagnum mix best?
Any help you can send his way will be appreciated.
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Re: Asking for a friend

by xanthoparmelia » Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:54 pm

If starting indoors, any time of year is fine.
If outdoors, sow seeds in fall or early winter.
Stratification - Yes. Approximately 30 days.
Peat/perlite/sand or LFS both work fine as growing media. I currently use both and don't really notice a difference. If you're referring to stratification medium, peat and LFS also work, but i use wet paper towels.

Here's some reading material that covers the basics. If he has more questions, feel free to post them here or PM me. ... aceniaSeed ... asp?ID=270

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