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By Painley
Who got plants for cristmas!!?!? I got pingicula sethos and gigantia.

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By Bob Beer
I bought myself a Pinguicula moranensis M. :-)

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By PitcherPerfect
I bought some bare root Sarracenia from CC for myself. Mystery plants; looking forward to trying to identify them. =D
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By xr280xr
Not me :(

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By Jeeper
I added a whole section to my growlist. Tuberous Drosera from CC and tubers from Allen Lowrie in Australia.

Really hoping I acclimate the tubers properly and I have some awesome new plants!
By ChefDean
I got an early present from Xanthoparmelia, a Sarracenia Hot Lips x Kraken as well as a Sarracenia Oreophila "Sand Mountain". I was especially surprised by the Oreophila as it is the only Sarr native to Tennessee, but no known native populations remain due to development.
I also won some D. Natalensis seeds from Hollyhock. They arrived today and I wasted no time getting them sown. Now the wait.
By MaxineDixon
I bought Venus flytrap. 8-)
But it was not all purchases. I went to mall and decided to buy all for xmas party.
I just adore snowy weather and how the snow crisps under your feet. Last year my husband has even presented me a rather extraordinary gift for my birthday, it was in the middle of summer. Do you think that it was a trip to the mountains? No, not so primitive! It was the best christmas light projector! Also it was useful for xmas party. Imagine my surprise and how romantic it was! :) By the way, our meeting was also connected with snow, maybe because of this I have such feelings to snow? My family was going to buy a new snow blower and after studying the electric snow blower buying guide, we went to the store.

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