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By riveraXVX
a year and a half ago when the kid wanted carnivorous plants we ordered our first fly traps from Joels via ebay 3 "small" B-52 clones and 1 "medium" Pinnacle

they were very nice plants along with two extra freebies, they grew crazy well for us the first season, split them up with tons of divisions this year and all continued to flourish.

the only thing I will say is for us and our climate the net pots shipped in were not suitable for us, we switched to styrofoam cups and plastic stadiums style cups within the first week of having them.
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By That one plant boi
He is is a great seller. I got my first Two king Henry fly traps from him. Now my collection is growing out of hand! And I have Joel to thank for my awesome new hobbie.

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By riveraXVX
my old review on amazon:

"May 12, 2017
I recently settled on ordering a few VFT from Joel as a first time VFT owner (getting them for our child) I had questions which he promptly answered for me, and so we set forth ordering some plants! the idea of ordering plants on the internet and being shipped through the mail terrified me but after reading feedback and others testimonials went ahead and ordered a few plants:
3 Small Sized B52 VFT
1 Medium Sized Pinnacle VFT

a couple days later we had a nice well packaged box of everything we needed to get going, net pots, NZ longfiber sphagnum moss (a top choice of some of the biggest growers/sellers online so woorks for me!), a couple net pots and a very thorough instruction sheet.

ended up having a couple extra babies thrown in - ending up with 4 B52 and 2 pinnacles!

this photo is how they arrived after potting them the same day, most traps closed, one with leaves and stems curling downward, a couple traps turning black - all which is very normal and typical for stressed plants going through the war that is USPS. lots of new growth, and am very very pleased and impressed enough to post a review here (although we purchased our plants from Joel at another location)

three weeks in now and have not managed to kill them, almost all traps are fully open (other than the ones that are chomping down on bugs outside!), only ended up losing 3 small traps in all from the travel, looking good and fully acclimated to being outside full time at least till winter!

if you are on the fence about ordering plants online or caring for VFT (they are very easy to care for as long as you follow very specific rules! a lot of people consider them hard to care for because they do not follow the simple rules or disregard the importance of them (IE: no tap water, no regular soil, no fertilizers, no added nutrients/minerals!). luckily the care sheets provided are dummyproof!
photo attached: left net pot 2 B52 plants, right net pot 1 B52 plant, back left B52, back right Pinnacle with smaller pinnacle behind it.

10/6/2017 update: just wanted to update that the plants grew exceptionally for us in their first summer growing season in NC. the 2nd/3rd photos are of all 4 B52's we received from Joel in two styrofoam cups back on 4/28/2017 as they were on 8/28/2017. very vigorous growers with beautiful red coloration towards the end of growing season. I would highly recommend Joel as both a seller, and B52 as an excellent cultivar. it should be noted you can see one cup has smaller fly traps in it which was my fault as they were slightly burned by my own mistake outdoors, they still recovered fine just smaller than its siblings. the larger cup had multiple traps that measured 1.5" and two that hit 1.75" this year, and the smaller cup was 1.25"-1.5" trap size.

04/11/2018 update: after a rough winter overwintering outdoors here in NC - repotted the plants into larger 5x5x7" square pots and divided some of the larger divisions up, what started as 3 "small" plants and a tinier division is now 10 plants, at least 7 of which are around the same size the original 3 arrived. beautiful plants. can't recommend this cultivar or seller enough."

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