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List the plants you grow

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By UnbracingCube
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Cephalotus follicularis

Darlingtonia californica

Dionaea muscipula

Akai - Japanese for "Red Dragon." Deep burgundy red traps with golden green margins.
ARCP - A hardy grower with nice color, fully functional
B52 - Classic giant capable of near 2" traps. Very Hardy grower, fully functional
BCP Titan - A very colorful upright giant. Purple/dark red traps with a green line. Fully functional.
Big Mouth - A giant clone with good color and stays in a rosette all year. Very big traps on short leaves. Fully functional.
Bohemian Garnet - Sawtooth type with red/purple leaves. A hardy grower that divides often. Fully functional.
Bristletooth - A beautiful clone with tons of short, uneven teeth. An extreme sawtooth type. Fully functional.
Creeping Death - A clone with very long, thin leaves with above average size traps.
DCXL - Rivals B52 with traps nearly 2 inches in size, hardy grower
Dracula - Blotchy light red/pink interiors which mature to a deep red towards the end of summer.
Fast- A fast growing clone that divides a lot, fully functional.
Fine tooth x Red - One of the classic clones. Good color, vigorous, and hardy. Fully functional.
Grun - A very hardy upright clone with large traps. An all green clone.
JCP Sawthooth - A very nice, very short tooth form. Gets red/orange traps. Fully functional.
Justina Davis - The original all green clone. An upright grower. Fully functional.
Megatraps - Bright green with a pink or red mouth and extra long cilia.
Microdent - A very unique clone with an extreme number of tiny teeth. Looks like a dolphin mouth. Fully functional.
Pink Venus - A smaller rosette clone with attractive red traps. Strong grower that divides often. Fully functional.
Scarletine - A sawtooth form. Always produces spotty traps.
(dead) Schuppenstiel - Great color, long summer teeth, crazy leaf scaling and fully functional. -- Squirrels killed this plant.
Shark Teeth - Traps with teeth that look like a sharks teeth.
Triffid Traps - A flat growing, very vigorous clone that divides frequently and can produce a carpet of traps. Fully functional.
Triton - An unusual yellow cupped trap clone. Also has fused teeth. Limited functionality but can sometimes catch prey.
Unknown - charming little red from Jacks Carnivorous Plants (2018) - 2 seedgrown (Derek Palmer), 2018
Wally - Super hardy clone. Always colorful, divides a lot and a low grower.

binata 'multifida'
binata 'Marston Dragon'
Capensis - Typical - Alba - Wideleaf - Pink

Maxima 'Giant'
Rafflesiana "Riau"
x ventrata

x 'Sethos' (fake Weser)
lovely little unnamed (CPS sale 2016)

'Dixie Lace'
3 exquisite crosses (John CPS 2017)
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