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By hollyhock
Okay everybody guess what? That's right Hollyhock is hosting a giveaway :D
Here's how it works
Post a picture of yourself with one of your plants. That's your entry. Please no comments on your post or anyone else's either.
Get creative. Have fun, make me laugh out loud. :lol:
Everyone in the U.S. is eligible. Giveaway will end Sunday night at 9pm E.S.T.
I will be judging on style, humor, and of course your plant. Remember Hollyhock has a fabulous prize for the winner. Winner agrees to pay the shipping cost. Not more than $8
So go have some fun and show me some great pictures.
Here's a great example... :lol:
Plant selfie example.. LoL
Plant selfie example.. LoL
received_10156345804814532.jpeg (135.55 KiB) Viewed 1064 times
By hollyhock
Well the entries are in and it's really a tough decision....
For those of you who know me a little bit better my giveaways usually involve more than just a sign up sheet where I draw a number after a set amount of time.
I am a little bit disappointed that not more people chose to participate. These forums are supposed to be about learning and having FUN... :D
Since we have only 4 entries and they are all great. We have 4 winners..
I also usually ask the winner what type of plants they would like to add to their collection. Like for example Mike will be getting a cool Drosera prize because I know he doesn't really grow nepenthes.
So the other 3 winners please message me and let me know what kind of plant you would like.. I will look around G2 and find something fabulous for you...
Just don't ask for Vfts because I don't have any right now.
Once we figure out what you each want we will figure out the shipping information.
Again I want to thank those who participated in another Hollyhock giveaway.

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