why i appreciate FLYTRAP CARE so much

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why i appreciate FLYTRAP CARE so much

by paulsflytrap » Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:29 pm

hello fellow growers,
SO I recently placed an order on EBAY for some
flytrap seeds, and did not get the seeds I purchased O__0,
this is at least the third time I have not received the correct
item that I paid for !!
the seller isn't important , for now im not going to point
that person out because I don't feel like it would do any good,
I have had this happen to me before from several different sellers,
the purchase was cheap, but it wouldn't matter if it was free , if you
place an order from someone you expect to get the order you placed, especially if you paid for it!
IT would be like going to a restaurant and ordering a stake and ten minutes later
the waitress asks " so hows that chicken soup" ??????????
as fare as FLYTRAP CARE , or FLYTRAP STORE, goes I have ordered from them before,
and they may be MORE pricey but at least you get a high quality item " THE ACTUAL ITEM THAT YOU ACTUALLY PAID FOR!!!" at a reasonable time,
I am not saying that I am done totally with other sellers BUT getting pretty close to it lol,
that and most of my worth wile knowledge of carnivorous plants have come from this site
so for me it just makes that much more difference to me ,
thank you FLYTRAP CARE.COM for at least being legit :)
to round to be VFT seeds
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Re: why i appreciate FLYTRAP CARE so much

by riveraXVX » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:31 pm

I wouldn't even say stuff like seeds are more pricey here, you pay for quality flat out. I'd expect to pay the price of seeds here from any nursery selling seeds more or less. if I were buying from a private individual less, but what is the difference between "more pricey and actual VFT seeds" vs "cheaper and starfruit seeds or some ditch weed" when it comes to buying seeds haha

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Re: why i appreciate FLYTRAP CARE so much

by Orit » Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:13 am

Sorry you've had such bad experiences with your past ebay orders! So many people post pictures of plants they grew from eBay or Amazon seeds and are really bummed to discover they were duped. It's so disappointing to spend time on top of money on a fake.

So I agree, I don't consider FTS pricey when you compare what you're getting. VFTs from other sellers, even reputable ones, are generally smaller, and you often get clumps of plants with FTS instead of just one. Many of the starter size plants I bought were mature enough to flower, and they are always very healthy. I honestly take it for granted that their seeds are fresh (and real). And they are careful to point out on their product page that seeds may not carry the same genetic traits as their parents, while I've heard of many eBay sellers trying to pass off seeds or seed grown plants as cultivars.

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Re: why i appreciate FLYTRAP CARE so much

by tommyr » Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:00 pm

If you order from eBay from someone in China you will be ripped off.

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