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By heywhathuh
Posts:  154
Joined:  Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:05 am
I planted some supposedly seeds in early August, and I've got nothing (other than moss) growing. I'm limited on growspace (and definitely did not plant them densely enough) so I'm wondering if it's time to give up on them!

I've currently got them in pots that are in plastic bags with some small holes punched in them, if I keep them, should I keep them that way or remove them?

By KategoricalKarnivore
Posts:  1725
Joined:  Wed Aug 24, 2016 5:00 pm
Never give up. Don’t be a quitter. Lol. They can take a year or longer sometimes.
By Bluemoon
Posts:  119
Joined:  Fri Aug 26, 2016 5:39 pm
If it's the eBay seller from Spain, then I'm pretty sure the seeds are not what he says they are. They're some type of Nep, but who knows what. Honestly - who sells Nep seeds in sets of 5 or 10? The overwhelming majority of sellers of legit Nep seed sell by the pod.

Also, the crosses are quite fishy - many involve rare Neps, yet he seems to always be obtaining seeds. Having such a large variety of Neps (not to mention rare and slow-growing ones) that are of flowering-size is pretty difficult even for experienced growers, not to mention that no one knows who this guy is (most but not all advanced growers are on some forum or are known otherwise to the CP community). And you'd think if he was such a masterful grower, he'd sell them in larger batches and not just through eBay either. Reminds me of that Canadian eBay seller M-Azing Carnivores, who always advertised "fresh" seeds yet never included a harvest date.

As for the feedback, people see that they got seed and leave positive feedback, but it's impossible to tell if the crosses are true until 2+ years after they germinate. Regardless, if you want to give them the best chance, I'd say a year in those containers.
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