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I have a MarsHydro 300 (125 actual watts) LED Grow-Light and I should keep it about 24 inches above the plants.
At this height, it illuminates a growing area 24 inches by 24 inches.

Any recommendation I make to you is a guess without more info.
What is the make and model of your grow light?

Good growing,
Well my stand is about 66 inches tall. I'm using two sections each about 30-33 inches tall. Both shelves are 18 inches wide and 30 inches long. I'm using a mars hydro reflector 240 watt 4600 plus lumens. For my top empty shelve I was planning on upgrading to a little more power led but not sure if it's needed or not.
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My new tropical pitcher plant and vft
My new tropical pitcher plant and vft
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Mars hydro's come with instructions for how high above the plants it should be, start there and adjust as needed.

I have a mars hydro 300w full spectrum and right now I have the light 20" above the pots. It might be too close, I might have to adjust soon.
Well I was looking into the mars reflector 96 which is about 9677 lumens now I'm thinking it's to much. Some people put their light 8-12 inches away. Is that cause the light they using isn't strong enough. But I was keeping my plants at least 12 inches away but I think that's to close one trap turned black quick and my pitchers on my pitcher plant started turning brown which is a sign of stress or not enough light.

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