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By camsdad66
I've been trying a couple Cobras outdoors here in Louisiana, with our very hot and humid summers. One plant still looks good, but the other is showing signs of distress. Looks like rot or fungus is beginning to set in. Can anyone offer advice for saving the plant? I know once they start looking like this, it's "the beginning of the end"!
Any help would be appreciated!

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By nimbulan
Unfortunately, the combination of hot days and warm nights during the summer in most of the country is what kills most Darlingtonia plants. Here in the northwest we can generally get away with leaving the plants outdoors all year, but I still had a growth point die on one plant after 3 days over 100F with nights over 70F.

As for your plant, it's hard to tell. Is that pitcher with the brown at the base wilting? If so I don't think there's much hope but don't give up just yet.
By camsdad66
Yes, nimbulan, it may be time to make funeral arrangements for this poor Cobra! The pitchers are beginning to dry up and wilt. Strange part is the plant right next to it in same conditions is ok......for now. I'm trying​ cutting back on water so as not to hurry the rot along any quicker. Also, guess there is hope the rhizome may survive. As many have said.....these plants are tricky! Especially if you don't live in the right climate.
Thanks​ for the reply!

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By slinx
If the one right next to it is doing fine, this could have just been a weaker plant. You should get worried if the other one starts to deteriorate as well.
By camsdad66
Yes, slinx, I agree. Crossing fingers that the other one doesn't go south as well. I have not used any pump or anything with them, nor cooled water, etc.....just watering when the water in tray dried up. Haven't tried growing these guys in many years, but wanted to give them another shot. They're definitely not as forgiving as Sarracenia!

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By Shadowtski
Have you tried top watering with refrigerated water?
I tried growing a cobra outside many years ago. I put a gallon jug of water in the freezer and a pitcher of water in the fridge.

I'd top water it daily and let the cold water flush out the pot of sphagnum it was growing in.

I'd suspend the frozen gallon bottle over the plant. As it would melt, it would drip cold water over the plant keeping it the roots cools and the plant happy.

It's a fair amount of work but it could help keep your cobra alive until the weather cools off.

Good growing,
By camsdad66
Update......plant got worse, as expected. Dug it up and found some seemingly viable roots, so cut off dead stuff and cut into 2 sections and potted up. Will see what happens! Maybe there is life after death!ImageImage

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