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Discussions about fluorescent, LED and other types of grow lighting for Venus Flytraps and other plants

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By Ae9803
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Joined:  Mon Mar 08, 2010 2:55 am
I got two of these from a personal friend for free,


Worth about 2000 dollars.'s previous version of the 189X-Pro.

Pretty awesome. I only have use for one right now
By sealover1
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Joined:  Sat Jul 22, 2017 9:34 am
I know this is an old thread but I got my VFT under a single 12w bulb as I live in the UK we don't really get enough sun to keep a VFT healthy

can anyone tell me how many hours of light to give the plant please?

you can see a photo of my bulb here ... 36108.html

OxyLED E27 LED Grow Light, 12W 12 LEDs Plant Grow Lights Bulb for Hydroponic Garden Greenhouses, Perfect Grow Lights for Indoor Plants (3 Blue & 9 Red)

Efficitent Wavelength: With 12 LEDs (9pcs red 620-630nm, 3pcs blue 460nm), this LED grow light emits the most efficient light wavelength to produce peak photosynthesis performance and cultivate plants for all stages of plant growth
• Promote Growth: Blue lights help plants grow, and red lights help budding, flowering and fruiting
• Great Heat Dissipation: Lamp body is constructed with metal aluminum to maximum heat dissipation. It does not produce heat even 24 hours and provides ideal temperature for plant growth
• Easy To Use: Well constructed and suited for a standard E27 socket in indoor and outdoor settings
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