Reviews of some vendors I've bought from

Places to buy Venus Flytraps and other carnivorous plants.
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Reviews of some vendors I've bought from

by HeliamphoraWalnut » Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:31 pm

These are just my personal experiences, and may or may not reflect the particular vendor at this time

California carnivores
I've bought a couple of plants from them online, as well as visiting their nursery. All these times I've been impressed with the knowledge of the staff, and the quality of the plants.
Pros: fast shipping, very high quality plants
Cons: more expensive than your typical vendor, but it's reflected in the quality of the plants

Cascade carnivores
I've only bought sarracenia and cobras from them, so I can't speak for their pings and other items. Form other peoples reviews, their pings are unmatched. About my order, it was shipped fast, and the plant was very impressive for the price
Pros: fast shipping, very nice plants
Cons: slightly slow customer service

This place has gotten poor reviews on their vfts, but I've only gotten neps from them. Their ones are very nice. You know that huge spathulata x spectabilis that has flowered three times that I have? Guess where I got it. ;)
Pros: good prices, rare plant often available
Cons: not exactly the best quality of vfts and other plants compared to other vendors

I basically only have gotten vfts from here. Every single time, I'm still impressed when I take off the cup and see the plant.
Pros: amazing flytraps, fast shipping and customer service
Cons: uh....idek...I was racking my mind trying to find anything wrong, I still haven't come up with anything

Lees botanical gardens
As many of you know, his website is taken down, and you have to order through his Facebook and email. I've only gotten sarracneia from them, and all were very very cheap
Pros: best prices you can find ANYWHERE, and extremely cheap shipping ( usually 3-4 dollars)
Cons: not the most attractive looking plants when you first open the box, but usually they're large and healthy

Run by josh lynch. He used to be called carnivorous connection, and just got the new name and store. I've gotten some SARS from him, and they arrived quickly and securely.
Pros: good prices, nice selection of sarracenia, quick shipping
Cons: only ships on Mondays, so if you order on Tuesday, you have to wait an entire week

Cz plants
Nursery based in the Czech Republic. Has a huge variety of plants.ordered from him twice. Both orders arrived quickly and get plants were nice.
Pros: lots of rare species at good prices.
Cons: slow in communication, sometimes the order is delayed for at least a week. Sometimes neps come with small to no roots.

Pearl leaf exotics
Newly opened store based on mostly neps and other highland plants. Gotten one Nepenthes ampullaria from them, very healthy and included a ton of live sphagnum.
Pros: quick shipping, good quality plants, rarer species at good prices
Cons: newly opened, so limited stock

Sarracenia northwest
One of the best vendors. Like California carnivores, they have amazing packing skills.
Pros: very healthy plants, informative grow guides and videos.
Cons: slightly more expensive, but well worth the price

These are not all of the reviews but that's ok, right? :D
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Re: Reviews of some vendors I've bought from

by Sakaaaaa » Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:53 pm

I have one con for FlyTrapStore. It's very minor.

Not enough other CPs, the only others are Drosera, cephs, helis, and sarrs. Yes, they are somewhat rare, but no utrics/pings/neps.

I haven't bought from them unfortunately, I really need to get an import permit and bank account soon!
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Re: Reviews of some vendors I've bought from

by xr280xr » Thu Jun 22, 2017 5:27 pm

I 2nd your reviews of California, Cascade, and flytrapstore. Cascade does deliver great pings. I haven't used the others.
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