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By Frothy_Milk
I'm pretty sure they are aphids. If you see your plant having holes in them it definitely is an aphid case. There is a thread about pest identification on the forum.

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By cjpflaumer
They are definitely aphids. They are fairly easy to get rid of. If you just wipe them off for several days that can be enough unless it's really out of control. Any of the recommended insecticides will easily take care of them.

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By cjpflaumer
uusa2000 wrote:Traps can't eat them?

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Aphids move very slowly they would never be able to trigger the trap. Also since they only eat plant juice they probably would give very little to the plant.

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By Fishkeeper
The aphids are too small for the traps to close around, and, as you can see, they get on the outside of the trap where they can't be reached.
By Branmuffin
I highly suggest using Neem Oil if it is available to you. Very safe to use on your plants and works very very well. I have used it to control aphids on my VFT and also trees.
By rulen24
Lots of Aphids, make sure to get every one as if you miss just one it will lay loads of eggs. I recommend a systemic insecticide and spray it all over the plant.

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By TheGamingReptile
Zstaxx wrote:I noticed there are quite a few little green bugs on one of my flytraps. Are these mites? SHould I spray them with something like this? ... e-miticide

Does anyone else have any tips?
A very easy tecnique is to put the plant underwater for two minutes so you can drown them

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By Fishkeeper
Several hours of being submerged is a better plan, and you may need to repeat it in a week or so in case any eggs escape.
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