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By hollyhock
The package is in Michigan. It will probably be here tomorrow or Thursday
Here is the point where I must ask everyone to read this link with the conditions from BCP. Hopefully all the plants will be in good shape. ... conditions
I just wanted to make everyone aware of the risks of shipping plants from overseas vendors.
By hollyhock
Okay group. The plants will be here today!
I want to get them to you ASAP so I need each member to PM me your address and I will give you my PayPal address for your shipping cost. I am assuming that everyone wants priority shipping? A small priority box is $7.15 If your plants require a larger box next size of medium is $13.60. I think everyone's​ should fit small. Anyway the sooner you message me the sooner that I can get your orders to you. :D
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By Shadowtski
I got mine potted up and bagged. I'm waiting for signs of growth and dew. Everybody else got theirs potted?

I ended up with 8 Drosera slackii and 5 Drosera hilaris. The plants were small but healthy looking. They all had excellent root structure, surprising considering their TC origin.

I'm completely happy.

Thanks to Hollyhock for all the work she did, putting this order together and making it happen.

Good growing,
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By evenwind
I certainly agree that Hollyhock deserves a great deal of thanks. Thanks again Hollyhock!
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