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By sPacer
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I have traded my quota for the season and have the stock that I need as far as non-cobra CP. I do have quite a nice supply of stock this year, as the past 2 Winters have been Havoc... LOTS of rain setting 75 year records, and the Cobras *Love* it. The roots have really gone crazy, more baby plants than ever popping up, eighty or nine bins split in half with new plants.
I m not trying to get rich or anything, but I do invest quite a bit into this operation known now as Man Eating Plants. All we do is Cobra Lilies, mostly, but we will also be featuring a nice line of top shelf potting mix supplies as well, in small quantities at very affordable prices. I am working on a full shopping cart that will very soon be at our main domain, I have put a lot of thought into what works where and why, though I have only grown ion Oregon. I truly believe that matching a soil type to a region can make a huge difference, and not all Cobras will be happy in any mix in all locations. More about that to come.

If anybody is interested in buying plants, our prices are decent and quality is spot-on. Prices: 22.77 for a small plant either bare root or in a 2.25 inch pot, these are the size of 3-5 year plants. Medium bare root stock is 37.77 each, these are a great way to go, plenty of show and a more solid chance to grow. Large stock fit for 6 inch pots or larger is 52.77 each. shipping is 7.25 for up to a pound. sometimes a plant will weight more than that when packaged, no problem i will pay the extra shipping. there are never any handling fees. We also donate as much as 10% per sale to different charities, currently the ASPCA, St Judes Childrens Hospital, and the Special Olympics. I have personally seen all of these charities do great things, and have supported St Judes since I was in grade school riding bike-a-thons.

One big difference this year is that I have help! I am working closely with a person who is taking to training very well, and she will eventually be able to handle any aspect of order filling and production facility management. So, we are getting orders out quickly, usually taking orders through the week to be shipped the following Monday. it has all worked out very well so far. If you want a plant please let us know, we are ready and waiting. Thanks All ! :) -Phil
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