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Post here to organize or join a group order

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By hollyhock
I will be ordering from BCP in the next couple of days.. I am looking for 2-4 people that are interested in joining my order. If you are interested please contact me via PM for more details. I do not want to facilitate a huge order of plants that's why I am only asking for a few people that can have their order and money ready fairly quickly.
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By zsyxcbibi
Same here, I would be interested if they have more in stock. They don't any vfts listed at this moment.
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By Abeginner
I'm going to look real quick I'd certainly be interested

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By hollyhock
HeliamphoraWalnut wrote:Would there be any extra cost to get endangered CITES species like oreophilia?
I am not going to get into that. If you read their business conditions they can arrange that but the process is very long to obtain that permit. One to three months and you have to get a quote for the price of a CITES permit. And YOU would have to cover that cost all on your own. Any more questions on that subject? The short answer is I am not going to order any plants requiring CITES..

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