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Places to buy Venus Flytraps and other carnivorous plants.

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By ArowanaLover1902
I ordered from this supplier within the past month and think they may be my favorite, hope this helps you guys when you make a decision of who to order from.
- Good quality plants (not as good as places such as CA carnivores)
- Awesome selection
- Medium sized plants
- Decent prices
- Amazing shipping prices ($5 for any order)

- Poor soil - use of only sphagnum moss (usually), it doesn't drain well and isn't the best for my nepenthes

I order most of my nepenthes from them, they have a great selection and the shipping seals the deal with me.
By Adelaide
Predatory Plants is usually my go to supplier unless they don't have what I'm looking for or I can get a better prices elsewhere - I'm always looking for a good deal.

I've had very few issues with PP but my most recent order didn't arrive until two weeks after I ordered because they were having some sort of shipping issue and neglected to tell me.

Some other places I've found to have good prices are Wellspring Gardens (great prices but only beginner CP's, I haven't ordered from them but another forum member recently gave them a positive review), carnivorousplantnursery (again, haven't ordered but a decent selection and great prices if you can nab what you're looking for before it goes out of stock), and FlyTrapKing (not a huge selection but good sales and bulk order deals).
By Raistlarn
I use predatory plants all the time. I find that some of their Nepenthes are actually in much better condition than the same plant from CA Carnivores(no offense to any CA Carnivores people).

Pros for me:
Nice selection
Plants are usually larger than advertised
Plants (especially Nepenthes) are more vigorous than some other sellers
$5 shipping

Sometimes you have to wait a week for them to ship
Plants are almost always bare root
Site doesn't get updated often

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