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By nimbulan
Unfortunately I have not yet mastered the art of Heliamphora pollen extraction. It's not easy, even with the proper tools.
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By Cory
What pollen do you want I have several available

Nutans x ionasii

Minor selection #1 should be. Available by the time that's ready. Flower is Lilly gagging along

Probably got a couple more I'll have to check
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By Maiden
Right now, i have with flower sterms(at different stage of developpement):

-heliamphora minor var pilosa clone H
-heliamphora selection 4
-heliamphora selection 1
-heliamphora ciliata
-heliamphora parva hairy
-heliamphora big orange
-heliamphora ceracea
-heliamphora pulchella amuri & akopan
-heliamphora heterodoxa
-heliamphora minor var minor cerro la luna
-heliamphora minor var minor auyan
-heliamphora minor var minor Aonda giant

...but im in Canada

i got a couple pollen packs from the US and Europe last summer, so i dont think it will be a problem.

PS: holly: Your heliamphora is very healthy, but very green. Its not a problem if you want very big pitchers with tiny spoons, but after pollenisation (or right now) you should blast a lot more light on your heli, or at least on your flowers. Or raise your plant closer to the light source. Dont be affraid of the heat in the flowering stage. The seeds will developp a lot better n faster with more heat. Of course, more heat at pitcher/flower level, but the roots need to stay cool.

and once again, sorry for my bad english :)


PS: I still have burgundy-black pollen from cory also.

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By hollyhock
I might have been successful in my pollenation attempt.. I was told if the tip of the stamen turns dark then there is a good chance that the flower has been pollinated. Now to wait for the plumping of the ovary. :lol:
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By Hungry Plants
That is an amazing looking plant. good luck with the pollination.

Hopefully I'll have one someday and have the same problem lol.

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