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List the plants you grow

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By lemonlily
Dionaea Muscipula

And a little tiny sundew of some sort.


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By lemonlily
I couldn't read it, but I knew what it meant. And just to make sure, I went and translated it on the computer.

谢谢您. (Hope you can read that?)
By lemonlily
You are getting better. I have to agree it's hard stuff. I can't even remember that much.

I can read that, but what does it mean? :oops:
By lemonlily
Oh... Okay. I had forgotten what it meant. Usually the things we see on the comuter or Chinese books wouldn't be the way I'd say it when I talk. Gets a little annoying.
By lemonlily
Thanks everyone. I plan to get more soon. My parents said only if I actually know how to take care of these things.
By Aging_Bourbon
Thanks everyone. I plan to get more soon. My parents said only if I actually know how to take care of these things.

haha good luck Lily!

By lemonlily
I doubt anyone would buy a whole bunch of plants (in the same category) they don't know how to grow.

And when I went to Hawaiian Botanicals, I saw these tiny Drosera things. So tiny!!!!!!!
By Aging_Bourbon
yeah? well you should of got a Sundew i would say their easier and they should teach you alot about the "basic" care. But than again they need Distilled water or Pure an very sensitive too "hard" water.

By lemonlily
Ahh I couldn't find distilled water at Superstore two days ago. My plant is doing fine but it sure is a lot slower than before when I had my plant inside. The soil seems okay. Not too dry. I'll try and go to the pharmacy section to look for distilled water next time. I saw it there a long long time ago.

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