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By Smooter80
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Updated with new seeds. I also have a lot of "special" Sarr seeds not listed. Pm if you want to see that list.

Freaky VFT seeds are separately listed here ... 33204.html

With Winter coming fast, it's a great time to start a CP seed project. I have too many seeds with more on the way. Most I have verified germination but some I am just trying. Anything with WG I have recently water germinated myself. US only. $1.00 shipping for any amount of seeds.

Drosera neocaledonica fresh 2016 10+ seeds $2.50

Drosera nidiformis fresh 2016 10+ seeds $2.50

Drosers Lantau Island just harvested 20 seeds $2

VFT Switzerland Giant X self 10+ $2

ON HOLD D aliciae large form fuzzy scapes BCP 10 +- seeds. $2 WG

D finlaysoniana 20 $3 WG

D tokaiensis 10+ $2 WG

D capensis giant seeds from Paul Debbert Munich Germany. 15 $3 WG

ON HOLD D intermedia Gran Sabana Venezuela. 20+- seeds. $3

S rubra subsp wherri Washington co Alabama. 25+ seeds. $2

S alata Jackson Co Mississippi. 15+ seeds. $2

D intermedia Southern Bohemia Czech Republic temperate. 25+- seeds. $3 WG

Fresh 2016 Drosera cistiflora seeds from PK in Bulgaria. 20 $5

Fresh 2016 Drosera capensis alba seeds (white flowers). From my plants. 20+ $2 WG

Fresh 2016 Drosera capensis Wide Leaf seeds (pink flowers) From my plants. 20+ $2 WG

Fresh 2016 Drosera "Portland Sunrise" seeds (pink flowers) From my plants. $3

Fresh 2016 Dionaea muscipula seeds from a huge list of cultivars. A massive mix with seeds from many giants, some with strange traps and some rare cultivars.

Some of these seeds are from my personal plants, others are from known European sellers that I have personally germinated their 2015 VFT seeds with a high success rate. I pretty much bought from all of the big sellers last year and reordered this year from the ones that had the best germination rates and diversity.

Dionaea mix #1
Alien, B52, several BCP clones, Bohemian Garnett, Darwin, DCXL, Dracula, Extreme Fused Tooth, G14 Dirk Ventham Giant,  G16 Slacks Giant, Great White Shark, Jaws, Maroon Monster, Mirror, Patches, SL14, South West Giant, Whale and many more. 10 $4 WG

Dionaea Mix #2
All hand pollinated red or dark red leaf plants. I have some 2015 seedlings from the same parent plants that are nearly black under my LEDs. Akai Ryu, Dark Red, Giant VCX F2, Holland Red and Red Burgundi. Based on last years seeds, these have a very high red leaf percentage. $4 WG
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