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Post here to organize or join a group order

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By Wahter
Luckily, when I am settled in, I'll start working immediately on restarting the group order (unless another one springs up). I'm sure the application and approval for import permits is quite fast, but I'd like to take my time organizing the order, as I don't want a similar dilemma that Sarah had to encounter. I may actually consider ordering from carnivoresandmore, but that is only a wild fantasy. We will have to see....
Thanks for posting the update. Looking forward to when you will be organizing the group order.

I'd be even more interested in an order from carnivoresandmore. From what people have posted and said, their VFTs are larger in size and the pricing seems to be a bit less compared with CZPlants.
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By Nauz
Received a cephalotus from them today. Was shipped Friday and arrived Wednesday may 11th with no issues. Good price, plant could have been bigger but they sent me two small ones. Shipping price was decent and not expensive either.
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By Nauz
HeliamphoraWalnut wrote:WAIT no phyto sanitary? Pics?
Not bragging or anything but here is the plant.


Could have been a bit larger plant but I'm not mad and it's got two growing tops. Cleared a lot of dead pitchers and leaves it came with. I would say it traveled 4 days and went through usps.

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By Nauz
HeliamphoraWalnut wrote:Is this the adult one, XL one, or the smallest one? and how much did it cost? I've only ordered from CZ is group orders. :/
It was Cephalotus "Big Boy" medium sized plant. Plant = $58.67, PayPal = 3.23, shipping = $5.87, total = $67.77. The only plant I ordered from them so far.
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By boarderlib
Any update on time frame for this? I'm not trying to push in any way. I just found a plant on their website I really really want, that's why I'm asking. I was contemplating on just getting it and eating the cost if this is going to be to far out. No worries either way!


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