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Post here to organize or join a group order

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By earlgrey
Hey guys, I made a wistuba order and recently added more to the order. Just putting out there and offering anyone else who wants to piggy back on my order and order some plants. If there is anyone interested, post on here and pm me.

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By earlgrey
It ships on June. I'm gonna make the deadline for payments on April 24... I just want to make this simple and fast. However, If the shop adds more items in May, then I may make a second opening to either add things or make an order if you missed the first round.

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By earlgrey
Hey guys, just letting you know that if you have your list and payment already ready, go ahead and send it to me if you want to secure your plants for yourself. Plants are ordered daily if not every other day. If I wait for everyone's list, then some plants would be sold out at that point. Happened to me multiple times in the last group order I did and had to change my order each time. I'll send the invoice for the total shipping costs later when I get a final count of the people participating.

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By corbeano
this is so tempting........but I've spent way too much in the lat month :? Thanks for posting!
By earlgrey
Dang I wanted that climbing dubia but it's out of stock

They don't have climbing, but they have the rosetted ones.
By earlgrey
If it'll add more participants, I'll change the due date to May 8. There are a few who would join if more people jumped on the order, so I'll extend it till then. hopefully there will be more takers. I would just like to see more people get some plants, since these group orders don't happen often.

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By earlgrey
When will the order arrive in the US? I'll be travelling in the summer so. :/

I could always hold on to them and harden them off for you. Then I could send them your way when you get back. That's just an option though, don't feel pressured to do it

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